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Finding your suitable readers for toshiba laptop keyboard replacement is not easy. You may need consider between hundred or thousand products from many store. In this article, we make a short list of the best readers for toshiba laptop keyboard replacement including detail information and customer reviews. Let’s find out which is your favorite one.

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Dosens Laptop Keyboard Replacement for Toshiba Satellite C650 C655 C655D C660 C675 L650 L655 L670 L675 L750 L755 Black US

Last update was on: Thursday, October 1, 2020

Condition: new keyboard, never used.
Quality warranty:6 months.
Laptop keyboard replacement with ribbon cable.
Compatible part #’s MP-09N13US-698 PK130CK2A00 V000210270 NSK-TN0SV
Compatible with Toshiba Satellite C650 C650D C655 C655D L650 L650D L655 L655D L670 L670D L675 L675D Pro C650 C655 C660 C665 L650 L655 L670 MP-09N13US-698 PK130CK2A00 V000210270 NSK-TN0SV L675D-S7012 L675D-S7013 L675D-S7014 L675D-S7015 L675D-S7016 L675D-S7017 L675D-S7019 L675D-S7022 L675D-S7040 L675D-S7040GY L675D-S7042 L675D-S7046 L675D-S7047 L675D-S7049 L675D-S7050 L675D-S7052 L675D-S7053 L675D-S7060 Series

SUNMALL US Layout Laptop Keyboard Replacement for Toshiba Qosmio A500 A505 G50 G55 X300 X305 X500 X505 L350 L350s L355 L355s L500 L505 L511 L512 L515 L516 L517 L550 L555 L581 L582 P300 P305 P500 P505

Last update was on: Thursday, October 1, 2020

b>You can press “Ctrl+F” then fill in your laptop model in blank to confirm whether this keyboard fits your laptop or not easily.

* Layout:US
* Color:Black
* Status: New Original
* Condition:Brand New Laptop Keyboard replacement

* If you are satisfied with our keyboard,We would be apperaciate you guys kindly give us positive review and feedback.
* Any questions about our keybard,please fell free to contact us ,we would solve your problem accurate asap .

Compitiable with A500 A500D A505 A505D G55 X300 X305 X500 X505 L350 L350D L350s L355 L355D L355s L500 L500D L505 L505D L511 L512 L515 L516 L517 L550 L550D L555 L555D L581 L582 P300 P300D P305 P305D P500 P500D P505 P505D series

A500-01/01V/01X/01K/01M/02U//031025/027/02E/02F/02J/02L/03P/040/042/11U/12C/13W/14H/14K/14L/15H/15M/15N/17X/18T/19D/19E/19L/19N/19X/1DU/1EC/1F7/1GL/1GM/1GP/1GR/ST5601 /ST5602/ST5605/ST5606/ST5607/ST5608/ST6621/ST6644

A505 -S6004 S6005 S6007 S6009 S6012 S6014 S6015 S6016 S6017 S6020 S6025 S6030 S6031 S6033 S6034 S6035 S6040 S6960 S6965 S6966 S6967 S6969 S6970 S6971 S6972 S6973 S6975 S6976 S6979 S6980 S6981 S6982 S6983 S6984 S6985 S6986 S6989 S6990 S6991 S6992 S6993 S6995 S6996 S6997 S6998 S6999 S5990 S6960

A505D-S6008 S6958 S6968 S6987

L505 -S5990 S6946 S6960 S6980

L355 -S79023 S7902

A000035690 A000035710 A000039270 AEBD3U0015 AEBD3U00150 AEBD3U0005 AEBD3U00050 9Z.N1Z82.A01 V000140160 V000140500 MP-06873US-930 9J.N9282.A01 6037B0026902 6037B0027902 9Z.N1Z82.A01

Replacecment Keyboard for Toshiba Satellite C50-A C55-A C55D-A C55T-A C55DT-A C55DT-A Series Laptop, Fit Part Number V143026CS1 132412258 US English (NOT for C50-B/ C50D-B/ C55-B/ C55D-B)

Last update was on: Thursday, October 1, 2020


Layout: US keyboard layout

Status: Brand new.

Compatible Models: For Toshiba Satellite C50-A C55-A C55D-A C55T-A C55DT-A C55DT-A (NOT for C50-B/ C50D-B/ C55-B/ C55D-B).

If you are not sure about the compatiblity, please consult us directly.


We tested each keyboard before shipping.

If some keys do not work after installation, it may be caused by the ribbon cable not being properly connected to the laptop. 

Please try to reconnect multiple times, many customers solved the problem after doing this.

E-ZeeGaa Replacement Keyboard with Frame for Toshiba Satellite L850 L850D L855 L855D L875D C850 C855 C855D Series Black US Layout

Last update was on: Thursday, October 1, 2020

The pictures are the actual item, please compare them with yours before bidding! If you are not sure after a comparation, please Contact us.

New US Layout Laptop Keyboard For Toshiba Satellite L750 L750D L755 L755D L770 L770D L775 L775D series laptop.

Last update was on: Thursday, October 1, 2020

Compatible Models: Toshiba Satellite L750 Toshiba Satellite L750D Toshiba Satellite L755 Toshiba Satellite L755D Toshiba Satellite L770 Toshiba Satellite L770D Toshiba Satellite L775 Toshiba Satellite L775D

Abakoo New Keyboard for Toshiba Satellite P300 P200 P205 P305 L350 L355 P505 P500 L505 A500 A505 Qosimio G50 X300 X305 L510 L515 L581 L550 L555 L505D-GS6000 L505D-S5983 L505D-ES5026 ES5025 Black US

Last update was on: Thursday, October 1, 2020

Compatible Numbers:
NSK-TBA01,6037B0026902,9J3N9282.A01,MP-06873US-930,V000140500,AEBD3U00050, 9J.N9282.W01, AEBD3U00150-US, MP-06873US-9204,A000039270,9J.N9282.801,NSK-TB801,4H.N9201.061

Compatible Models:
Toshiba Satellite P200 series notebook
Toshiba Satellite P205 series notebook
Toshiba Satellite P300 series notebook: P300-ST3014
Toshiba Satellite P305 series notebooks: P305-S8814, P305-S8820, P305-S8822, P305-S8823, P305-S8824, P305-S8825, P305-S8826, P305-S8830, P305-S8832, P305-S8837, P305-S8838, P305-S8842, P305-S8844, P305-S8848, P305-S8854, P305-S8857
Toshiba P305D series notebooks: P305D-S8816, P305D-S8818, P305D-S8819, P305D-S8828, P305D-S8829, P305D-S8834, P305D-S8836, P305D-S88361
Toshiba Satellite P300, P305, P305D, L350, L355 series notebooks
Toshiba Satellite L350 series notebooks: L350-S1001V, L350-ST2121, L350-ST2701, L350-ST3701, L350-ST3702
Toshiba Satellite L355D series notebooks: L355D-S7809, L355D-S7810, L355-S7815, L355D-S7819, L355D-S7820, L355D-S7825, L355D-S7829, L355D-S7832, L355D-S7901
Toshiba Qosimio G50, Qosimio X300, Qosimio X305 series notebooks
Toshiba Satellite P505 series notebooks: P505-S8011,P505-S8940,P505-S8941
Toshiba Satellite P500 series notebooks: P500-ST5806,P500-ST6821
Toshiba Satellite L505 series notebooks: L505-S5971,L505-S5982,L505-S5984
Toshiba Satellite L505D series notebooks: L505D-ES5025,L505D-ES5026,L505D-GS6000
Toshiba Satellite A500 series notebooks
Toshiba Satellite A505 series notebooks
Toshiba Satellite A505D series notebooks

Replacement Laptop Keyboard for Toshiba Satellite P750 P750D P755 P755D P770 P770D P775 P775D Qosmio X770 X 775 Series

Last update was on: Thursday, October 1, 2020

Letter: English 

Layout: US Layout

Color: Black Keys Black Frame

Remark: Ribbon cable included.

Compatible part numbers: 002L09N53LHC01, PSAY3A-02T001, K000119880, K000120210, PK130IU2B00, NSK-TQ1GC, 9Z.N4YGC.101, NSK-TQ2GC 01, 9Z.N4YGC.201, PK130IU1B00

Compatible Models:

Toshiba Satellite P750 P750D P755 P755D P770 P770D P775 P775D Qosmio X770 X775 Series Laptop

Satellite P750 P750-00Y P750-04X P750-100 P750-10T P750-114 P750-115 P750-12R P750-12T P750-135 P750-136 P750-137 P750-13F P750-13G P750-13L P750-13M P750-13N P750-BT4G22 P750-BT4N22 P750-ST4N01 P750-ST4N02 P750-ST4NX1 P750-ST4NX2 P750-ST5GX1 P750-ST5GX2 P750-ST5N01 P750/008 P750/01Y P750/02J P750/02K P750/02L P750/02Q P750/02R P750/02S P750/02T P750/03T P750/05F P750/05Q P750/05S P750/0MQ P750/0MR P750/0NW P755 P755-11U P755-3DV20 P755-S5215 P755-S5259 P755-S5260 P755-S5261 P755-S5263 P755-S5264 P755-S5265 P755-S5267 P755-S5268 P755-S5269 P755-S5270 P755-S5272 P755-S5274 P755-S5276 P755-S5278 P755-S5285 P755-S5320 P755-S5380 P755-S5381 P755-S5382 P755-S5383 P755-S5385 P755-S5387 P755-S5390 P755-S5392 P755-S5394 P755-S5395 P755-S5396 P755-S5398 P755D P755D-S5266 P755D-S5378 P755D-S5379 P755D-S5384 P755D-S5386

Generic New Keyboard 9Z.N4VSQ.001 NSK-TM0GQ for Toshiba Satellite C600 C640 C640D L630 L635-S3050 C645 C645D L600 L600D L635 L640 L640D L645 L645D L740 L740D L745 L745D L730 L730D L735 L735D Keyboard

Last update was on: Thursday, October 1, 2020

Item Specifications:
Color: black
Layout: US
Condition: Brand New

Compatible Numbers:
9Z.N4VSQ.001 / 9Z.N4VGQ.001 / 9Z.N4VGV.001 / NSK-TM0GQ / NSK-TM0GV / AETE2U00010 / AETE2U00020 / 6037B0049202

Compatible Models:
Toshiba Satellite C600 Series
Toshiba Satellite C640 C640D Series
Toshiba Satellite C645 Series
Toshiba Satellite C645D Series
Toshiba Satellite L600 Series
Toshiba Satellite L600D Series
Toshiba Satellite L630 Series
Toshiba Satellite L635 Series
Toshiba Satellite L640 Series
Toshiba Satellite L640D Series
Toshiba Satellite L645 Series
Toshiba Satellite L645D Series
Toshiba Satellite L740 L740D L745 L745D L730 L730D L735 L735D L735-S3370 L735-S3375 L735-S3350 L745-S4210 L745-S4220 L745-S4310 L745-S4235 L745d-S4230 L600D L600 L630 L635 L640 L640D C645D-SP4160M C645D-SP4001M L645-S4060 L645-S4102 L645D-S4056 L645D-S4025 L645D-S4030 L645D-S4029 L645D-S4036 L640-ST2N01 L645-S4026 L640D-ST2N03 L645D-S9411D L645-SP4003M L645-S4055 L645-S4059 L645-S4032 L645D-S4100WH L645D-S4053 L645-S4038 L645-S4033 L645-4026 L645D-S4037WH L645D-S4058RD L640-BT2N15 L640-BT2N22 L640-BT2N13 L635-SP3002M L635-SP3011L L635-SP3011M L635-S3015 L635-S3020 L635-S3040BN L635-S3050BN L635-S3012BN L635-S3012RD L635-S3012 L635-S3100 L635-S3104 L635-SP3160 series

Zahara Laptop Keyboard W/Frame Replacement for Toshiba Satellite A665-S6094 A665-S5173 A665-S6098 A665-S5170 A665-S6100 A665-S5180

Last update was on: Thursday, October 1, 2020

Compatible With Toshiba Satellite A665-S6094 A665-S5173 A665-S6098 A665-S5170 A665-S6100 A665-S5180

Package Includes:1X Keyboard


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